You are currently viewing TGR Foundation Launches Scholarship Course for Learn & Earn App, Helping Students Earn Money For College – Yahoo Finance

TGR Foundation Launches Scholarship Course for Learn & Earn App, Helping Students Earn Money For College – Yahoo Finance

"How to Find Scholarships" will help fund investment portfolio accounts for students to put toward higher education.
NEWPORT BEACH, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 5, 2021 / TGR Foundation, A Tiger Woods Charity, announces the newest course on the Learn & EarnTM app. The "How to Find Scholarships" course is designed to support students in this critical aspect of the college application process. When students successfully complete the scholarship course on their smartphones, they will earn real dollars that are then invested in stock market portfolios in their names.
"For 25 years, TGR Foundation has been committed to providing educational programs for underserved students," said Gordon McNeill, President and CEO. "Our scholarship course on Learn & Earn is a natural extension of the college-access and STEM programs we offer. We're excited to share ‘How to Find Scholarships' with students who need support and guidance on their path to personal and professional success."
The Learn & Earn app was developed by gaming company Blast in collaboration with Junior Achievement USA. Using Learn & Earn, students earn real money upon the successful completion of each course. These earnings fund an investment account that students are able to customize themselves. The courses cover a broad range of topics such as financial literacy, potential careers, and life skills that aim to help students become successful adults.
Over one billion children worldwide have been affected by school closures caused by the pandemic. TGR Foundation's course will aim to reach some of these students, in particular those from low-income households. Students with savings accounts for higher education, like the investment account offered by the app, are four times more likely to graduate from college.
"Learn & Earn is a great complement to TGR Foundation's learning platforms to help students get ready for college," explained Walter Cruttenden, founder of Acorns and Chairman of Blast, the developer of Learn & Earn. "Students will also be able to learn how to invest and start building wealth for their future through a UTMA/UGMA account that they can then use for college tuition, a certificate program, technical school, or to start a business."
Learn & Earn allows students to select bite-sized courses and earn money from sponsors and parents upon the successful completion of each course. Students then invest that money in their investment account with Robo-Bumpers™ to keep their portfolio diversified and growing over time. Students have a "Core" portfolio of the world's largest diversified ETFs, and they can also select up to ten separate large cap stocks or ETFs from a curated "Explore" portfolio. This allows students to invest in fractional shares of companies like Apple, Tesla, Amazon, and many more. Sponsored courses are funded by for-profit and non-profit entities.
Learn & Earn receives support and advice from enterprises like Franklin Templeton Investments and Roth Capital Partners. Advisors include Dr. Richard Thaler, Nobel Prize-winning economist; Dr. William Elliott III, Founder and Director of the Center on Assets, Education, and Inclusion at the University of Michigan; and Jon Fee, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Marketing for
"How to Find Scholarships" will be available to all TGR Foundation students as well as the 5 million students in the Junior Achievement USA network.
The app can be found on the App Store or Google Play by searching for "Learn & Earn – Early Investing."
About Learn & Earn™
Created by the team behind Acorns, Learn & Earn™ is an easy way for students to earn money while learning and growing their knowledge. Covering real-world topics typically not taught in school, the bite-sized courses reward students with funds from sponsors and parents. These funds are then invested for the students, opening up a whole world of savings and investments for them. Working with preeminent partners and sponsors, Learn & Earn combines the best of FinTech and EdTech to redefine remote learning with courses that cover topics such as financial literacy, potential careers, and life skills. The app's ultimate mission is simple: to prepare students for their future. Visit for more information.
Investment advisory services are provided by Ant Money Advisors, LLC ("AMA"), an SEC-registered investment advisor. AMA's terms and policies can be found at or through AMA facilitates trading through DriveWealth, LLC, an SEC-registered broker-dealer and member FINRA and SIPC. Check the background of this firm on FINRA's BrokerCheck.
About TGR Foundation, A Tiger Woods Charity
For 25 years, TGR Foundation has worked to create a world where opportunity is universal and potential is limitless. With an unwavering commitment to impact underserved youth, its mission is to empower students to pursue their passions through education. Through innovative STEM coursework, college-access programs, digital platforms and educator professional development, TGR Foundation provides resources and support to help youth connect their passions to their purpose. Since its launch in 1996, TGR Foundation's education and outreach programs have impacted two million youth worldwide. To celebrate 25 years of impact, its new Pathways Forward initiative will provide support to enhance current education programs while expanding resources to more students on their pathways to college and career success. For more information visit or connect on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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